Brown VS White Parchment Paper

When you start making your own bread at home, at the time to shop for all the tools and materials needed to make a new batch of loaves of bread, parchment paper will be on your list, but which one to buy: white or brown?

Brown VS White Parchment Paper is better to bake a new loaf of bread at home, in short: brown is made with unbleached pulp, while white is made with bleached pulp, and both can be used.

When I started to make my own bread at home, I attended first to general cooking classes at school, and then when I wanted to learn more about baking, I attended to some short courses with professional bakers, and all the teachers tend to use white parchment paper.

Later when I was working on a small artisan bakery, we all used white parchment paper, it was good quality and it could be used more than once, as long it didn’t get sticky, messy or burnt.

Today as I keep baking my own bread at home, and as I’m writing this blog about sharing some tips about baking, I got more interested on learning what baking tools are better and why, and as the world is changing into a movement to make the planet a better place, the use of parchment paper got my attention.

As I went to the kitchen to make a new loaf of bread, I found I had both: white and brown parchment paper, the next question was about why they are different and are the two of them safe to be used to make an artisan loaf of bread?

So Let’s take a look to what I found.

How Parchment Paper Is Made?

Parchment Paper is made like other types of paper, the process begins in the woods by cutting trees and make the pulp from them. The pulp is processed in big factories, the color difference on this type of paper is due to the use of bleach or not.

Is It Safe To Use Parchement Paper To Bake Bread?

I must say I’m a cook and a baker, when I studied at school, there was some chemistry classes about food, but teachers never went deeper into the chemistry of the tools we use for cooking or baking.

As a baker today, I always look for buying ingredients and tools made by well known brands, otherwise they will not be allowed to sell their products in the stores, and this makes it easier for me.

When I buy a new package of parchment paper to bake my bread at home, I do the same, I buy it from brands I know, even this means I need to pay a higher price.

When To Use White Parchment Paper?

White Parchment Paper is made with bleached pulp, and by this, you can be sure it was made with fibers that won’t cause any odors or change any taste or color on your new loaf of bread.

For this reason, you can use white parchment paper to cook or bake any food that will be in direct touch of the food you’re preparing.

When To Use Brown Parchment Paper?

Brown Parchment Paper is made with unbleached pulp, with this you will know that this paper might have some odors and tainting from the pulp, when cooking or baking with this type of paper, your dish or your new loaf of bread might have some odors or might get some color from the bread.

As some people are more sensitive to odors, look or taste of food, when baking at home, you might need to pay attention to the reaction of your family members to your bread.

Is Parchment Paper Compostable?

While I was researching about white and brown parchment paper, the question about if one or the other are compostable, got my attention, after being baking my own bread at home, I never thought about parchment paper could be placed in the compost.

Some people say, white parchment paper won’t compost well, while brown parchment paper can be put on the compost, but you will need to make small pieces and put them in warm water before putting them in your compost, it will take up to 90 days to degrade. I will make the test.

To know more about if the parchment paper is compostable or not, you might need to read the box or the package to see if the parchment paper is made to be compostable.

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Brown VS White Parchment Paper