What Container To Use To Store Flour?

When making your own bread at home, the main ingredient to get on your weekly grocery shopping list will be flour, but how to keep it fresh for longer time?

What Container To Use To Store Flour?

The best containers to use to store flour are a glass jar or BPA-free plastic container, and it should have the next features: air tightness and easy to open to give you access to flour. The container size and shape will depend on how much flour you use and how often and whether you keep it on the kitchen counter or in the kitchen pantry.

How To Store Flour?

When you start to make your own bread, you might get surprised about how important is your main ingredient: the flour.

Some people might be lucky enough to be part of a family where some of the members used to bake some bread, but if you’re in the group where your family used to get your bread from the grocery store, and I must say I belong to this group, then when you start to bake your own bread, you will learn more about flour and why is so important to keep in a container to keep all its qualities so you can get the best results from your baking.

When buying a package of flour and use just a small portion of it, some people will just make a fold on the top of the paper bag and pinch a laundry pin on it, by doing this some air can get in the package and some other unwanted things like some insects. As you are making bread, it’s important to keep it in a container with a lid that will prevent air and any insect to get inside.

If you’re planning to bake often, then you can place the container on top of the kitchen counter to get more accessibility to it, but if you’re baking once or twice every month, you can keep the container in the kitchen pantry where it can be kept in the dark.

Why Does Flour Need To Be Stored In Airtight Containers?

As flour is a dry ingredient, it can absorb moisture, and this can make flour go bad, as it will be exposed to oxygen.

When you store flour in an airtight container, it can stay fresh longer, and as the container can be kept humidity free and a far reach from any type of insect.

Choosing A Glass Or Pastic Container To Storage Flour

When is time to choose a container to storage flour, you need to know in advance what are the benefits of storing flour in a glass or in a plastic container.

The main feature any container should have to storage flour is to be airtightness, whether is made from plastic or glass.

Plastic containers are easy to handle, there are many different models to choose one to bring into your kitchen, and it won’t break, another good thing to think about is whether your children will also be baking with you often, so they can help you to get the ingredients you need for the next recipe, without the risk of having any accident.

Glass containers will look nice anywhere you place them, so they can be part of your kitchen decoration, but in the other hand, they need to be handled with care and they are heavier.


When looking for a glass container for storing flour, you might find the classic round jar shape, it can be found in small, medium and big size where you can choose one, be sure it comes with a lid that closes airtight.

On the other hand, when looking for a plastic container, you will get more options, round and squared, any size and you might find some that has some marks to help you to know how much flour is left in the container, so you can add it to your shopping list.

Something important to have in mind before you get the container to storage flour, is where you’re planning to keep it, if you’re planning to keep in the pantry, you might need to stack other containers, so the lid needs to be flat, or the lid can be in the front, so you can keep a few different containers and you can get easy access to different ingredients.


When looking for a plastic or glass container to store flour, keep in mind how much flour you need every week or month, this will help you to know how big or small the container should be, as you can find in the market any size you need.

What Type Of Lid

I didn’t think about what type of lid the container should have, until I started baking, when the lid needs to be rolled to be closed or opened, it requires more work and time, a few seconds here and there when you’re baking, that time counts.

For that reason looking for a container with an easy to open and close lid is available, that will be the winner for me, but I guess this feature will be important for you too.

How Many Containers To Store Flour You Might Need

When you love to make different types of bread you will need more than two containers, and I’m talking about baking with different types of flour, so you can have each type of flour in a different container, the size will depend on how much flour you usually use of each flour.


Flour is the main ingredient for many bread recipes, as you are now interested to bake your own bread at home, you need to be sure you have enough flour, so you can start baking anytime, then getting a container to store it and to keep it fresh longer is important, whether you get one made of glass or plastic, now you have some tips that I’m sure will help you to get the one you need in your kitchen.

If you have any other tip about containers for storing flour, share it on a comment, we all learn from each other and your tip will help others.

Happy Baking!


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What Container To Use To Store Flour

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