Why Is My Dry Yeast Not Getting Foam

When the time to make a new loaf of bread at home, it’s always better to know if your yeast is good to be used, before you mix all the ingredients together.

Why Is My Dry Yeast Not Getting Foam? Dry yeast comes with a expiration date, when you’re not getting it to foam, this means it’s no longer good to use it, you should throw it away, it’s no longer alive and it won’t make your next loaf of bread to raise.

When making a new bread recipe at home, it’s always good to check first if your yeast is still good to use or not.

How To Check If Your Dry Yeast Is Still Good To Use

Making a test to know if your dry yeast is still good to use before you start mixing all the ingredients for the bread recipe you want to make, will take about 10 minutes, but it can save your day.

As a baker myself, I like to buy a package of dry yeast to be sure I have enough for the next months, without the need to buy a small package of dry yeast every time I go to the grocery store, and am sure I’m not alone on this, and doing this can also save you some money.

It’s always a good idea to put a note on the dry yeast package or container with the day you opened it, and also you can write down the date you need to buy a new package.

If you bake often at home, I’m sure you will never have this problem and you might be using a lot of yeast and it won’t get bad, but if you’re baking only once or twice every week, the chances of your yeast going bad will be higher.

To test if the yeast is still active and good to use, you can put a pinch of dry yeast in a small bowl with one or two spoons of warm water, stir it and let it stand for about 5 minutes, if you see some foam, then your yeast is still to be used, but if you don’t see any foam, then your yeast is not longer good to use.

How To Be Sure Your Yeast Will Proof?

One way to be sure your yeast will proof is to always take your time to make the Poolish before you start any recipe, it will help you to know your yeast is still good to use and it will give your bread more texture and taste.

Why Your Dry Yeast Is Not Getting Foam?

Before you throw away your yeast, be sure to check if the water you use to make the poolish was with the right temperature.

Hot water will kill your yeast right away, and it won’t get any foam, and if you’re using cold water to make your poolish, it will require more time to start making any foam.

How To Store Yeast

When you love to bake your own bread at home, the best thing to do is to buy yeast in a package, it will save you some money and you can be sure to have enough to bake once or twice every week, without the need to run to the store to get a new package of yeast.

Once you open a new dry yeast package, put the yeast in an airtight container in the fridge, it can be stored like this up to six months.

Why Is My Dry Yeast Not Getting Foam