How To Wash Yeast Dough From The Bowl (ONE Easy Step)

Nothing compares to the smell and taste of freshly baked bread after spending some time in your kitchen making a new loaf of bread, but the truth is there is always some dishes to do after you finished the baking, and just thinking about how to deal with the dough stuck on the bowls, it might be like a tough task to do!

How To Wash Yeast Dough From The Bowl

When you love to bake, soon you will find the best way to wash yeast dough from the bowl, by soaking the bowl in cold soapy water for a few minutes, then rub the rest of dough with a plastic spatula, to finish the cleaning as you normally do with the rest of the dishes.

By washing all the dishes you used to make the new loaf of bread this way, you will be amazed how well it works and how fast you can do this task, and all your dishes will be clean and ready for the next baking day!

Why Yeast Dough Sticks To The Bowl?

When you first started to make your own bread at home, you might have noticed that any dough made with yeast, after the kneading process become sticky, some will be stickier than others and that will depend on the recipe and the amount of water and flour on each recipe. But one thing is for sure, yeast dough will stick hard on any surface whether it is a bowl, the table or your hands, and it will give you some hard times to clean up the place after you finished making the dough.

The reason why a yeast dough turns sticky is because the protein in the flour will turn into gluten as you knead your dough, this step will cause the dough to be elastic and sticky, in order to help your dough to raise good, you need to keep the dough in warm temperatures.

When you soak any bowl you used to make your dough with cold water, this will stop the gluten to keep working and it will make the dough easy to be cleaned from any surface.

How To Clean Yeast Dough From A Table?

If you’re making your yeast dough with your hands, you might use a wooden table to knead the dough, most yeast dough will stop being sticky after the kneading, this will help you to clean the table surface with some cold soapy water first, and then do a second wash with warm soapy water, this will clean good any table surface.

In case, you’re working with a dough that has a good amount of liquid, whether is water or milk, the dough can get stickier that other doughs, for this reason your table might finish like a mess and it will look hard to be cleaned, don’t worry, put some cold soapy water on the table surface, let it rest for about 5 minutes, and then scrap the table with a plastic spatula, the sticky dough will come off with ease from the table and from the spatula, then wash the table surface well with a sponge and with some warm soapy water. Let it dry completely before you start making a new dough.

How To Remove All Sticky Dough From Your Hands.

After you have been kneading any dough with your hands, your hands will have a warm temperature, and washing them will cold water might not be the best idea to do, for this reason, if any sticky dough is in your hands after you finish the kneading of any dough, just take some flour in your hands and rub your hands, this step will help you to take most of the sticky dough off your hands, then wash your hands with warm water and some soap.

How To Wash Yeast Dough From The Bowl


After a day making a new loaf of bread, you might end with some bowls with sticky dough, just put some cold soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes, and the bowl will be ready to be wash in just a few seconds!

Don’t let a dirty bowl stop you to keep baking, follow this easy way to wash all your bowls you use to make a new loaf of bread and you’ll be ready to start making a new recipe!

Happy Baking!

Wash Yeast Dough From The Bowl