How Much Does A Stand Mixer Weight

Kneading any dough is not an easy task to do, it can take from a few minutes to half an hour or even more to get the dough right to let it rise, and this is why some people don’t want to get into making their own bread at home, but a stand mixer will help you to get this task done with almost no work for you to do.

How Much Does A Stand Mixer Weight? The weight might be different from different brands and models, but it needs to be heavy enough to stand in the same place while kneading any dough for you, as it’s weight is heavy, it requires to be placed in one place in your kitchen where it can stay there most of the time, to avoid carrying it from one place to another often.

How Much Does A Stand Mixer Weight?

Any Stand Mixer will need to be heavy enough to stand in the same place while kneading any dough, as this task might require the motor to work steady and hard for a few minutes.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer is 16 pounds, while the KitchenAid KP26M1XCE is 29 pounds

Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer is 18.35 pounds.

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer is 12.46 pounds.


Why A Stand Mixer Needs To Be Heavy?

A Stand Mixer will help you to do the hard work of kneading any dough for you, and it needs to be strong enough to mix your doughs for several minutes until it gets well kneaded, the heavyweight will help the mixer to stay in one place.

Where Do I Store My Stand Mixer?

When you love to make your own bread, you will be making a new dough every day or maybe every two days, if you store your stand mixer in a cupboard in your kitchen, it will require to take it out and in more often, this can be a hard work to do when you’re an average person, as an example, I’m not a tall person and it’s hard for me to move the stand mixer from one place to another, most of the times I need to ask for some help from my husband or from one of my sons (young adults), for this reason I decided to keep it on the kitchen counter all the time.

Keeping the Stand Mixer on the kitchen counter all the time will help you to make your new dough recipe fast and without many problems, it will also help you to keep it clean and maintain it in good conditions, by doing this it will last for about 10 years.

If you want, you always can get a kitchen appliances cover to keep it free of dust. And also keep it unplugged


When you love to make your own bread at home, you have the choice of making the dough by hand or get a stand mixer to do the hard work for you, the first impression you might get when unboxing it, might be how heavy a stand mixer can be.

The reason for being that heavy is that making bread dough and other cooking tasks are not easy and requires hard work and strength, stand mixers brands know bakers needs and this is the reason why they design them heavy and sturdy.

When you start making your bread doughs in the stand mixer and you see how well they work, you might wonder why you didn’t get it before.

Find a good place to keep it all the time, save yourself the hard work of carrying it in and out from the cupboard every time you need it and it will be the best help you will get to keep making your own bread at home.

Happy Baking!

How Much Does A Stand Mixer Weight