How To Keep Your Bread Fresh Longer

How To Keep Your Bread Fresh Longer. Easy tips to know more about how to keep your bread fresh more days at home.

When you love to bake your own bread, you might want to make one, two or three recipes in the same day, but you might be wondering if you can keep your bread fresh or it will be better just to make one recipe at a time.

How To Keep Your Bread Fresh Longer

Quality Bread

Bread you buy in the grocery store might last for a longer time, but this doesn’t mean that is made the traditional way as it should be, today many bread brands use some ingredients that will make bread to last for more days, most of these ingredients are not natural.

When you bake your own bread at home, you might want to start making your own bread because you want to consume quality bread, and you’re right, when you make your own bread, you will be using only fresh and natural ingredients.

As you learn how to make your own bread, you will learn also what bread recipes last fresher and what ingredients will help you to keep your bread fresher, as we write this blog, we’ll be sharing some tips and secrets about how to keep your bread fresh longer.

Grandma Knows Better

A few years ago, there was not any grocery stores as we know them today, bread was made in the bakery and in many cases mom or grandma were in charge to make all the bread for the family. They knew well how to keep their bread fresher for many days, their secret? Always keep it in a cloth bag made with old linen.

Bread Boxes

Another way to keep your bread fresh for more days is to keep it in a Bread Box, as they are made with wood, these boxes will keep your bread in a dark place and it will allow bread to breath.

Can You Freeze Your Bread?

Let’s talk about some bread you might buy at the grocery store as it might have been baked from frozen dough, so it has been already frozen, if you want to freeze some bread you just bought from the grocery store, as it will be frozen twice, it my get dehydrated.

A different story will happen when you make a large production of freshly baked bread at home, you are sure you made your bread from scratch, and you can freeze some, so you don’t need to bake more bread every day. Just let your bread to cool off completely before you freeze it.

Freezing Bread In A Plastic Bag

Plastic bags made for freezing food will help you to keep your bread in good conditions as you freeze it, use good quality freezing food bags to get the best results.

As a tip, always add the freezing date on a sticky tag on the freezing bag, and don’t keep your bread frozen longer than 2 months. Always use the method, first entry, first to go.

Another good idea when freezing your bread, is to make small portions, so it will be easier to take out of the freezer just the amount of bread you need for your next meal.

How To Defrost Your Bread

When defrosting any type of bread, always give it enough time to defrost at room temperature, and cover in a kitchen towel.

Can I Re-Freeze Bread?

No, in case you just took some bread out of the freezer for a meal, and it was some leftover, it can’t go back to the freezer, as a general rule, no food can be frozen twice.

You can use that bread in a different way, like let it dry and make some ground bread to make other recipes, or make a bread pudding with it.

Why Never Keep Bread In A Plastic Bag

Bread needs to breath and when you place it in a plastic bag, fresh air can’t go through, and it will cause bread to get mold soon. For this reason, if you need to keep some bread at home for one or two days, always keep it in a paper bag, a linen bag or in a bread box.

How To Keep Your Bread Fresh Longer

How To Keep Your Bread Fresh, Closing Thoughts

The quality of your ingredients and the way you make your dough will help your bread to stay fresh for longer time.

When you learn how to make your own bread at home, it will be made to stay fresh for more day!

Happy Baking!


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How To Keep Your Bread Fresh Longer

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  1. I found a lot of these tips very helpful.  A lot of the time I seem to throw bread away because I never really thought of how to store it for any length of time.  I especially found it interesting that storing bread in a plastic bag can cause it to grow mold faster.

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