KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer will help you to bake any type of pastry, cakes and bread you want to bake at home!

When you love to bake your own bread and other type of pastry and cakes, having the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer in your kitchen will be so handy for you.

I’ve had this stand mixer in one of my kitchen counters and it’s always ready to be used, it doesn’t matter if I want to make a home made pizza for lunch or if I need to bake a cake to celebrate a cake for a birthday or any other special occasion.

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

There’s nothing better for anyone who loves to bake their bread at home, then having a stand mixer that can do all that tough work of kneading any type of bread dough for you.

Since the first day I got my stand mixer, I’ve been using it once, twice or even three times per week to make all type of bread for the family.

Nothing is better than having your lunch or dinner meal with a piece of fresh bread at home!

Why To Buy A KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer?

When you look at the KitchenAid Artisan mini Stand Mixer price, it might seem to be a high price to pay for a mixer, but when you use it often, you will see the difference of kneading your bread dough by yourself, that can take a lot of time to get it to the right point, to the easy thing to put all your ingredients in the mixer’s bowl, and let the mixer to do the hard work for you.

As you learn how to make different types of breads and other pastries with this mixer, you will ask yourself, why you didn’t purchase it earlier, as it will do a big difference!

Who Is The KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer For?

If you love to have any type of freshly baked bread, and you know how delicious it is to have a piece of bread or a bun made by you at home, then this mixer is for you.

Making the pizza dough in less than 15 minutes, let it rest and then prepare your own home made pizza, will be your favorite recipe to make for your family.

And if we talk about making any type of artisan bread with high quality ingredients at home, you will become this stand mixer # 1 fan!

I tell you this, because I know how easy is to get in the kitchen and prepare any bread dough and let it rest while I do other chores, and just before its time to prepare lunch or dinner, put the bread in the oven and it will be freshly baked when everyone is ready for a meal!

Some Features You Get With The KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

  • 3.5 quart brushed stainless steel bowl
  • 10 optimized speeds
  • Soft start

What I Tried

Since I have had this stand mixer in my kitchen for many years, I have tried it with many different recipes, and I must say none of them went bad.

Some recipes I’ve tried are: artisan bread, french baguette, bagels, cakes, cookies, whipped cream, meringues, cup cakes,


  • It doesn’t vibrate when goes on high speed
  • Bowl has a handle
  • Very stable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with all the attachments you need to make breads, pastry and any type of cakes.


  • To be honest, after having my own KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer for about 10 years, I can’t find any con!

This stand mixer might not be right for anyone who doesn’t like to cook or to bake, and is a high price to pay for an appliance to have in the kitchen, if you won’t use it.


Where Tu Buy The KtchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

You can find the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer on the specialty stores shelves, put it also can be purchased online.

The Kitchen Aid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer – Closing Thoughts

I must say I have bought the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer twice, the first one I bough was many years ago, and it helped me to bake all the bread, cakes and cookies when my children were young, later when my sons grew up, one of them started the culinary school and he asked me if he could get it.

My son could do all the Culinary School practices and test on this stand mixer with success!

After a few years, I moved to Canada and I got the second stand mixer, since that day, I’ve been using it once or twice every week to make a home made pizza, some cookies or an artisan bread.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to cook and to make its own bread at home, it will help you to knead the perfect bread dough, so you can get the best results.


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KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

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  1. It is absolutely important to have a good sturdy stand mixer if one makes their own bread at home. I bake bread every weekend for a week’s supply and having a dependable mixer is of big help. As you’ve mentioned, the dough is ready in less than 15 minutes. Many of my baking friends own a KitchenAid and they loved it. I didn’t own one as when the time I needed it, it was a bit expensive for me hence I’ve chosen another brand which is still working perfectly. Well, if I need another, KitchenAid it is.

  2. I’ve always wanted a KitchenAid, as that was all my mother and aunt ever used. This is a helpful review because the model I have currently just isn’t cutting it. I prefer to make my food from scratch to avoid any artificial preservatives and ingredients that are found in the store-bought bakery items. I think I need to save up and get this mixer.

  3. Yes this is a great mixer my wife has one on the counter in our kitchen and the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer is a must have she bakes bread and cookies and so much more we also have the hand held one. We had to get a larger one she bakes so much The only thing is get a larger one we are now up to a 7 quart size

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