Glass VS Metal Baking Pans (Here Are The Facts)

When starting baking your own bread at home, you might wonder which baking pan is best

Glass VS Metal Baking Pans

Glass VS Metal Baking Pans is the most asked question by new bakers, and the answer is depends on what type of bread you’re baking, when glass is heavier and requires a longer time to heat, metal pans are lighter and heat faster, which one to choose will depend on what recipe you’re baking today.

For new bakers the question about what type of baking pans you should buy on your next visit to the store will be on top of the list, so lets take a look to what is each one and why you should buy one or the other.


Metal Baking Pans

Whether you will only be baking bread or any other type of bread, cookies, cakes or cupcakes, metal pans will be up front here, and most bakers will know well these are the best baking pans to have in your kitchen, as they are light to handle, easy to heat up, and they also cool down fast when you remove your bread from the heat source. Metal pans will help you also to achieve nice browning of the bread.

When shopping for a new metal baking pan, you might find many options where you can pick the ones for your baking recipes, you might want to keep in mind that the color and coating of baking pans will have an impact on your baking products, while pans made with a dark color metal, will absorb the heat faster and will make your baking goods to get colored faster, this can make your breads to get over-coloured faster, so you will need to learn more about how to know if your bread is well baked in its interior, the same goes with pans made will dull or mate finish. Experienced bakers know well that light colored or tin colored pans works better as they don’t absorb the heat fast and they will help you to get better baked bread.

Another good quality about metal pans to have on your mind is that this material is light to handle and resist well any changes of temperature, you can be sure a good quality metal baking pan will last for many years.

The last thing to keep in your mind is that metal baking pans can react with the ingredients on your recipes, while these pans are always safe to use when baking bread, this might not be the same when baking other types of recipes like baking a berry cobbler, (with no bottom crust), as the ingredients will be in direct contact with the metal, and the acid from the berries will react while baking, using a glass or ceramic pan for these recipes will be always the best option here.

When To Use Metal Baking Pans

  • Muffins
  • Cupcakes
  • Brownies
  • Scones
  • Rolls
  • Cakes
  • Breads

Glass Bakingware

Glass Bakeware is heavier and slower to heat, but it can retain the heat well and for a longer time, for this reason it’s important to keep in your mind that when baking a cake or brownies, the bottom and the sides can look brown enough faster, while the interior might not be cooked enough, for these reasons, glass baking pans are ideal to be used when using a moderate oven temperature, and also when you want to keep a warm temperature for a longer time after you remove the pan from the oven (a pasta or a casserole).

Another important thing to keep in your mind is that glass baking pans can not handle well the fast difference of temperatures, if you’re planning to shape your breads and let them proof in the fridge, to place your bread in a heated oven, it won’t be a good idea to use a glass baking pan, as the glass pans may break, the same issue will happen when baking your bread at high temperatures to take it out of the oven and place it on a cooler place to cool off.

When thinking about baking a recipe with acid ingredients like a berry cobbler with no bottom crust, using a glass baking pan will be the best option, as the berries are safe to be in contact with glass and there will be no chemical reaction.

When To Use Glass Bakingware

  • Bread Puddings
  • Baked Pastas
  • Crisps and Crumbles
  • Pies
  • Baked Meat Dishes

How To Know Which To Use Glass VS Metal Baking Pans

When you’re looking to make a new recipe, and you might wonder whether to use a glass baking ware or a metal tin, many recipes will give you a clue on the instructions, some will call for a dish (glass) and some will call for a tin or pan (metal).


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Glass VS Metal Baking Pans