Tips For Making Yeast Bread

Tips For Making Yeast Bread when you’re a beginner will help you to make your own bread dough to bake a tasty loaf of bread at home.

Making the perfect loaf of bread is more than following a recipe, making your own bread at home is an art anyone can learn to do, but it requires some practice and the will to keep at it when you don’t get the results you were expecting.

Learning some tips will help you to bake the perfect loaf of bread every time!

Tips For Making Yeast Bread

Read The Bread Recipe Twice

As a beginner, you will get more familiar with the ingredients used to make your own bread at home, but at the beginning it may be easier to forget what ingredients you need for making a recipe, read the recipe twice and make a list of products to buy at the grocery store or at the farmers market, this way you won’t need to go twice to the store.

When you’re a beginner, there might be some baking terms you are not familiar with, by making your bread following the instructions you will learn what does each baking term mean and how to do it.

Give yourself the chance to make some mistakes, we all do, even professional bakers need to test every new recipe more than once to get the results the recipe says.

Make Your Bread With The Best Ingredients You Can Get

The main reason you decided to start making your own bread at home may be to make the best bread for your family. When you go to the grocery store or to the farmers market, get the freshest products you can get, this will help you to bake your bread with better flavor and nutrients for your family

Have All The Ingredients For The Recipe Ready

When planning to make a bread loaf, be sure you have everything you need in the kitchen, don’t start any recipe before you check that you have all the ingredients listed on the recipe.

Make Time For Baking

When planning to make a bread loaf, be sure you have enough time to follow all the steps listed on your recipe, as making a bread loaf might take a few hours, as you need to follow the steps and give enough time to the dough to proof.

When making a bread dough it might take you about 20 or 25 minutes, the proof time might be a couple of hours, and your recipe will tell you to knead the dough once or twice to help the dough to proof well.

While baking the bread, some recipes will ask to have an even temperature in the oven, while some recipes will require a higher temperatures the first minutes and then you will need to lower the oven temperature, some breads will require some steam when you put the bread in the oven. All these steps will require you to stay in the kitchen and follow the instructions.

Know Your Oven

Each oven is different, even if you get the same brand and model your friend has.

You need to test your oven to get to know it better, by doing this will help you to know it better and it will help you to bake your bread perfect!.

Take Your Own Notes

Most recipes have been tested many times before they are shared on baking and cooking books or websites, but as you make them, you can take some notes about what went well and what went wrong.

As you keep making some recipes, you will get to know how much water or milk every recipe needs, and how much proofing time the recipe needs, as it will depend on where you live to make the perfect bread at home, as sea level and weather is different in many countries and cities, you will know what works better for you.

If you have a baking notebook where you can write down the recipe, don’t forget what steps you need to follow when the weather is different, by taking notes, this will help you to save time wondering what to do if the weather is sunny and nice or on days when the weather is cold or rainy.

Learn About Baking Bread Instructions Words

Baking bread is an art, and it has its own terms and words, the more you learn about them, it will help you to understand better any recipe you want to make.

Learning from well-known bakers is easy today as we all have the internet to watch them making a bread dough on a video, attending to an in person course will be also a great opportunity to watch a master making a bread dough, take notes of the words they use while making a bread, and watch what they do, there is much to learn when you watch a master baker making a bread dough than what you can read on a recipe.

Don’t Give Up

When starting to make your own bread at home, you will need to try a recipe more than once to get the results you want to achieve, making bread is some kind of chemistry, art, and lots of work, as some recipes will always go good, and some recipes will be a true challenge for beginners and more advanced bakers as well.

Don’t give up if a bread dough didn’t come up as you expected, you will get to learn how to make your own bread at home as you do one recipe over and over again.

Try New Bread Recipes

As you keep making your own bread, try new recipes, you will notice how much you have improved and how easy it is to try new recipes.

Some More Baking Tips

  • Baking during the cold winter months, the amount of water in your recipe might need to be increased, during the warm months of summer, you might need to reduce the water amount in your recipe.
  • Warm up your oven at the temperature your recipe tells you, warm up the oven 10 to 15 minutes before putting your bread in the oven.
  • Use less amount of yeast on your recipe and give a longer proofing time to the dough, by doing this it will help you to get better taste in your bread.

Use less amount of flour, your bread dough needs to be sticky and as you knead it and give it time to raise. Bread dough will get to the point whereas you work on the kneading at the time for that, don’t over knead your dough, stop as soon as you notice it stopped to be sticky.

Tips For Making Yeast Bread, Closing Thoughts

Making your own bread at home is something we will recommend to start doing to anyone who is interested. It has many benefits and you will get better as you keep working on it.

Getting the best tips from any baker will help you to learn more about baking, some baking books share good recipes and instructions, but bakers tips is what will help you to know how to make the perfect bread dough.

Watch as many videos you can watch on the internet or sign up for an in person baking course, talk with the chef or the baker, most of them are very nice people and they love to talk with anyone who has interest of learning more about baking.

If you have a baking tip that is not included on this post, share it on a comment, we love to keep learning new things that will help us to make better bread at home!

Happy Baking!

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Tips For Making Yeast Bread

5 thoughts on “Tips For Making Yeast Bread

  1. Nothing tastes or smells as wonderful as FRESHLY baked bread. Every time I have sold my house I have made bread on the days the buyers were coming. I wish someone had given me that tip when I first started baking my own bread “Read the bread recipe twice”

  2. I do like making my own bread, but have always found it difficult to get it right with yeast. I don’t know if the water that I use when I mix the yeast is too hot, that I thereby kill the active cells, or if it is too cold, and therefore doesn’t develop properly. So these days I make bread with baking soda and buttermilk, rather than yeast, and find that it tastes great. 

    1. Hi Line Cowley

      The water to activate yest should be just warm, not hot and not cold, you can use a thermometer or you can touch the water with one finger, it should feel warm. I may need to try making some bread with your tip – baking soda and buttermilk, thanks for sharing a tip about baking bread at home. 

  3. Tips For Making Yeast Bread is a great recipe. I was wondering if it is possible to use my microwave oven to make bread? I know it’s a bit of a silly question, but please can you let me know. 

    I have watched some nice videos on youtube, but my breadmaking has not been very successful so far. 

    Waiting to hear from you soon. 



    1. Hi Aparna,

      I don’t thing you can make any artisan yeast bread on your microwave oven, sorry, I can understand you when you say you haven’t been very successful on making your own bread, but try a recipe for beginners, and maybe a recipe where you can make your bread in a pan on the stove, as you get some experience with easy bread recipes, you might want to give it a second try to make yeast bread in the oven. 


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