What Is The Best Way To Learn Baking? (Here’s 5 Tips)

What Is The Best Way To Learn Baking at home to start making your own bread, by trying some easy recipes and get some skills.

I’m sure to say when you have a homemade bread and you taste the rich flavor on it, you will get interested to learn how to teach yourself to make your own bread at home, some might tell you that baking is really hard to do, some will tell you to give it a try, and I will agree with the second group.

First I started as a student, then I was the teacher, and today I will be interested to learn more about baking, as there are always new recipes to try and baking your own bread at home is worth it!

What Is The Best Way To Learn Baking

Can You Teach Yourself Baking?

Yes, I would say anyone who is interested to learn baking at home, as the most important thing is to be willing to learn, just keep on easy recipes to make at the beginning as you learn the basic of baking, then you’ll get skilled enough to try more recipes.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Baking

1 Where To Learn Baking?

There are a few places where you can learn baking, if someone in your family loves to bake, it might be the best place where you can start learning, be sure next time you get in the kitchen and be the helper. Then you can check if in your area there is a bakery where they have some baking classes, some of these baking classes are the best place for anyone who is interested to learn to bake.

If you’re the first one in your family who is interested in baking, a great place to start learning is on the internet, by watching videos you can start learning a few skills that will help you to start baking at home.

2 How Much Does It Cost To Learn Baking

Signing up to a cooking school can be costly, it will depend on what course you will take, but today we all have the opportunity to learn from home signing up to an online baking course, which can have a better price and it will help you to get new baking skills.

Many online baking courses are about one type of bread, you can sign up to one course at a time and when you get a few baking skills, it will be easier for you to start making new recipes by yourself at home.

3 What Baking Recipes A Beginner Should Try First?

My advice would be to start with easy to make bread recipes that anyone can make or that doesn’t require many steps to get good results.

  • English Muffins Recipe – The dough can be made by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and let it rise and then shape the muffins. Cooking the muffins on a pan on the stove is an easy way to make them!

4 How Can You Learn Baking From Home

Start today – Start with an easy recipe today, and enjoy all the process, whether it goes good or not, the most important is to get your hands in the dough and see how it does feel, the first recipe might go right or not, but is the first try, as you keep trying it will get better.

Follow one or two YouTube baking channels: Follow a baker and watch his/her videos, take notes about the recipe, but more important is to take note about the techniques, how they knead the dough, how to shape the bread and how and when to put the bread in the oven.

As you keep watching videos you will be better to notice more baking skills in a baker.

Experiment new recipes at home: Making different recipes will help you to learn more about baking, and don’t think about one recipe that didn’t get right as a failure, if I tell you how many times I saw a recipe going bad in the cooking school, you won’t believe, all bakers were beginners one day, and we all have a few stories to tell about a recipe that didn’t go right.

Understanding your ingredients: The more baking recipes you try, you will learn more about the ingredients you use and how to make a recipe, later as soon as you read for the first time any recipe, you will get a good idea on how to work on it just by reading the list of ingredients.

5 Keep Your Own Baking Notebook

One of the best advice I can give you is to keep your own baking notebooks with all your recipes and instructions, but also takes notes about what went well and what didn’t work right, by doing this, it will help you to get better results every time you make one recipe.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Baking

3 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Learn Baking? (Here’s 5 Tips)

  1. If one is already cooking food on top of the stove, it’s a bit astonishing that baking is still a mystery. There is such a mountain of recipes in the World Wide Web, that the biggest headache is picking one and diving into the directions. I see that understanding ingredients is very important. Thank you. Very helpful.

  2. I have been experimenting with a lot of new recipes at home. It has been a very nice period of trial and error. And I am super happy I have found your site because I know you can help me in this newly discovered passion. I will start keeping a baking notebook. Thanks for that advice.

  3. Oh, I enjoy baking! I learnt baking by observing my aunts, my friends and of course my mother. I really like the smell, the process and the final result. Honestly, when I have children, I’ll teach them how to bake as well because it’s an activity that you can have together when they are little. I agree ith following one or two YouTube channels. I also do have bakery recipe books.

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